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Fun Dog Show


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The RSPCA Fun Dog show is the traditional curtain raiser on Castle Green.
And, it’s become so popular that registration this year is at 10.00am so that we can get all the dogs registered and ready to strut their stuff at 11.00am.
Organised by Hereford RSPCA,  the show always gets things off to a flying (well walking) start.
In the past we’ve awarded prizes in 10 categories:
⦁ Happiest Dog;
⦁ Prettiest Bitch
⦁ Most Handsome Dog
⦁ Waggiest Tail
⦁ Best Veteran
⦁ Best Puppy
⦁ Scruffiest Mutt
⦁ Best Dressed
⦁ Best Rescue
⦁ Dog the Judges Would Most Like to Take Home