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It’s time to put on your mask, bang your drum, raise your lantern or your retro rocket and join the Carnival as we walk through the city streets.

Come along in fancy dress (or not), bring something to wave, wear a crazy hat or headdress or get your face painted

We’re celebrating Hereford at play from the Roaring 20s to the 2020s, so come as a Flapper or a Sapper; dust off your Ra-Ra skirt, back-comb that mullet; slip into your bling or bring out the bowler hat.  Whatever decade you choose – or simply come along as you are – we’ll be walking, rolling, singing, dancing and generally parading along with some giant puppets drummers, cyclists and the Carnival Band.

Watch for the first outing of The Big Bonkers Mobile Musical Carnival Contraption (BB) and its friends.  BB was made by local artists and its friends by local schools from both new and recycled materials, including some old bicycles which, when you cycle them, move the artwork and play music.

12:15pm: watch an amazing performance by the 3Degreez Cheer Leaders as we get ready to carnival!

12:45pm: get ready to carnival with the Hereford River Carnival Band led by the amazing Bym Welthy of Beat Bang Bong

1pm: we carnival across Castle Green to the Castle Street Entrance to begin the Street Carnival!

Join the Street Carnival along Castle Street, St Owens Street, High Town, Broad Street, King Street, Wye Bridge and onto Bishops Meadow for approx. 2pm.

Everyone is welcome to join in – as a group or as a family or an individual.

If your group would like to take part, please fill in the form

South of the Wye?

Don’t miss the South Wye Parade joining the Street Carnival on the South Side of the river by Wye Bridge and on Bishops Meadow… Starting point and timings to be confirmed.