Hereford River Carnival
Welcome to Hereford River Carnival

Ahoy there!

This August Bank Holiday the Hereford River Carnival team are bringing some family fun to Hereford City Centre.

On Saturday 28th August, the Carnival’s giant Hereford heads that featured in 2020’s virtual Carnival will make their first ever, live public appearance when they take to the streets of Hereford for a family Treasure Hunt around the city.

Starting with a parade in High Town and Cathedral Close at 10am, the Treasure Hunt will start at 11am and go on until 4pm.

#Each of the six heads will position themselves at prominent locations around Hereford and hand out one of six different seaside themed stickers which the intrepid treasure hunters will stick to a specially created treasure map.

Collect all six and fill in a card to be entered into a prize draw of Hereford goodies.

The heads will be located in:

  • Old Market
  • Widemarsh Street / Maylord Orchards
  • High Town, near the Bull
  • High Town, at the top of Broad Street
  • Cathedral Close / Church Street
  • King Street / Aubrey Street

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