Hereford River Carnival
Welcome to Hereford River Carnival

Red carpet at home – premiere event

Roll out the red carpet, prepare that speech and don your best Oscar ceremony glad rags.

On Friday 4th September, we’ll be premiering a short film featuring the big heads that are the sizeable stars of this year’s Carnival.

Local performers auditioned for the roles of the ‘heads’ and have been rehearsing and filming during August – you may have seen them out and about.

Our friends Rich Hankins & Kie Cummings at Creative Arcade along with Janine Sharp and Johnnie Cartwright at Hay Theatre Co. have worked with us and the Hereford Heads to create a short film starring the oversized sextet.

The film will be ‘premiered’ on Friday 4th September at 8pm both online and at selected venues across the city – check out our website and local posters for details nearer the date.

How to get involved

We’d like to see your photos and short video clips from the Friday night as you prepare for Hereford’s first red carpet virtual film premiere.

We’ll edit the best into a package on our website so make sure you’re dressed up and on the A-list.

You could style yourself as a classic Hollywood icon, a homegrown star like Bond, Villanelle, Sherlock or Fleabag or go crazy and showcase your own inimitable style.

Make yourself a Carnival cocktail or mocktail, crack open the popcorn and settle down for a night at the movies (in the comfort of your own home).

PS – remember our River Carnival film is only 10 minutes long, so why not tee up another favourite movie to watch afterwards.

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